world forests must meet the social rights of current generations without ever compromising those of future generations


"Forest Stewardship Council "

eco friendly

Our Teak comes from certificated forets under the Indonesian Government's control, which monitors the extraction and replanting of new trees in order to guarantee and meet the growing demand for wood


We provide all the required certifications for export and sale of Teak in its own markets in accordance with the strictest Teak Export Standards


All the Forests from where we buy the Teak are obliged to control the growth of their trees and can not cut trees with diameters and heights that have not reached the right degree of growth directly established by the Indonesian Government



Support for Teak demand is governed by international commitments to support Global Wood Legacy's demand.


All our products are made with the local labor help and according to the most current rules on ethics and respect for work


We can customize with your own logos and labels every item in production

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We have the possibility to realize for FOB purchases the customization of packaging boxes


We make the custom Brass Logo with your company logo


Mounting Instructions for each single item


Barcode-weight and personalized Item tailored to your business warehouse






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